Sustainable Forestry InitiativeOur ongoing commitment to safety and the environment increases our plant efficiency and reliability, while adhering to SFI standards. The SFI Plant Certification Program assures a uniformly high degree of excellence in plant facilities, production, processes, and quality control operations.

What this means to you as our customer is a solid relationship with a lean partner that has been setting the benchmark in clean, flexible, adaptable and integrated lumber solutions. You can see examples of this in the way we keep our yards clean to the way we demonstrate higher productivity and safety performance each year. Developing key performance indicators at the system level to evaluate and understand how various factors impact the environment, enables us to identify areas of possible improvement and provides ideas for implementation of new technology that enhances operating discipline. You can expect outstanding operational flexibility, high plant efficiency, transportation adaptability and environmental excellence.

Being audited by a third-party entity also allows us to identify and eliminate areas of waste throughout all phases of the processing chain. The end result to you is a product that adheres to our consistent quality standards and a lumber service with your bottom line in mind.

To learn more about the SFI certification process, procedures for testing, and how to get answers for specific questions, click here to view the SFI website.