Miles Lumber EnvironmentJoe N. Miles & Sons, Inc. makes a strong and long-term commitment to the community, the people and the environment. We constantly work to reduce overall chemical emissions and minimize waste from our operations. We contribute our resources to community service projects for both social and environmental development. Miles Lumber participates and sponsors numerous charities and organizations to benefit our community and environment.

Monitoring environment hazards and waste is more than just a part of our commitment to the environment. Miles Lumber recognizes that forest restoration is an important and necessary step in the conservation and management of maintaining the forests. Managing the timberlands and the raw resource is a priority and we constantly work to develop partnerships with customers and government agencies.

Efficiently processing our raw material, constantly meeting evaluation standards and continuing the education of our Team Members, keeps Miles Lumber on top of environment excellence. As demand for timber is expected to increase as economies in the United States and worldwide expand and environmental pressures shrink global timber supplies, replenishing our forests and environmental stewardship is more than a company goal.

Building a Better Tomorrow

Our commitment to environmental protection and conservation is an integral part of our business philosophy and daily operations. Environmental awareness is critical not only to the profitability and sustainability of the company, but also to the future of our community for generations to come.

By taking an active role in the environmental process, Team Members not only improve job skills, but the workplace is made safer and production is enhanced. The appropriate handling of waste and disposal is a facility-wide effort. We continually evaluate our processes to ensure environmental compliance with OSHA and other federal regulatory agencies. Through preventing pollution and the responsible use of our natural resources, we will exceed all environmental compliance standards.

Safety is a Priority

Miles Lumber Environment & SafetyAt Joe N. Miles & Sons, Inc., Safety has always been a priority. Our employee safety performance ranks as high as our production and great strides are made each day to prevent accidents. All teams actively participate in ongoing safety meetings that have helped us achieve our safety goals year after year. Our safety policy and training program extends from the job to the home.

In addition to the in-house prevention and emergency programs – the local medical and environmental agencies work closely with the company to insure readiness.

Our belief is an alert and safe worker is a more productive worker.