Debarker Project Completed

The Bogalusa Sawmill recently completes 7 month project installing new High-Speed debarker.

The Bogalusa facility of Miles Lumber Company just completed the installation of a Nicholson A8 High-speed Debarker. This culminates a 7 month construction project that will enable Miles Lumber Company to process logs at higher speeds than other ring debarkers. The company hopes the investment of the new debarker will offset the demands of smaller wood. The new addition replaces the 32 year old cambio30 debarker which maxed out averaging 4.5 stems per minute.

The A8 debarker can handle a wide range of diameters and can apply the right amount of pressure for the diameter being run through the saw mill. The move will also help the mill increase stems per minute to 9.

The Nicholson A8 High-speed Debarker offers high productivity while operating at feed speeds of up to 550 lineal feet per minute, (dependent on stem size and type). This represents an increase in speed of up to 33 per cent over the previously thought feed speed possible in a 22 inch ring size. This yields an immediate bump in the production rate, which positions the plant for a future production reserve. Although this production speed increase represents an improvement, it does not sacrifice the quality of the fiber (superior protection) – this is accomplished through an advanced feed roll, knife arm, ring, air system and additional control technologies which all work together.

The debarker’s fully automatic yet selectable tool pressures result in much better control of the debarking process and it is tailored to different log types (species mix, log orientations and geometry) and their condition, which all provide adaptable options to fit specific debarking needs. The rugged Unibloc frame constructed of full height, solid, 3-inch thick steel plates carries the primary operating loads. This key component leads to the reliable operation at the feed speeds, achieved by the A8. Additional heavy log tunnels that tame crooked stems are an integral part of the frame structure. These features are complemented with the patented spike less Fiber guard feed rolls, log guides, Carbide Leading Edge knife arms and air cylinders that reduce the response times for both the ring and feed rolls, saving both the valuable log end and the surface fiber. The automated ring lubrication system will shut down the debarker if any problems occur.

The project also included the installation of aMDI metal detector. The TWA-2000-HD metal detector with MP-4 digital microprocessor technology is designed to meet all future needs.