Letter to Land Owners






Dear Valued Landowner,


Joe N. Miles and Sons, Inc. is committed to practicing sustainable forestry and ensuring the benefits that responsible forest stewardship affords.  Environmental responsibility is part of our vision, and we strive to maintain high standards of environmental stewardship consistently.  Joe N. Miles and Sons, Inc. is committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental laws.  We extend this practice to all timberlands where we coordinate harvesting operations.  In addition we expect that all of our wood suppliers will practice sustainable forestry consistently, be either Master or Pro-Logger trained, and act responsibly in regard to forest stewardship.



Please review the attached material, and ask your Forester/Harvesting Professional about how these environmental practices and sustainable forestry practices are being administered on your timberlands.


Joe N. Miles and Sons, Inc. take this very seriously, and look forward to the opportunity to discuss with you any questions that you may have.


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Thank you,


Chris Williams

Raw Materials Manager

Joe N. Miles and Sons, Inc.